Family Owned For Over 40 Years

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Our Philosophy

We are completely family-owned and operated. Our motto is if we wouldn't eat it, neither should you. Any meat that is extremely bloody, splintered, or dirty we will not use. This allows us to return QUALITY products and therefore may also affect the QUANTITY.

Here are some commonly asked questions we get asked at the Butcher Shop.

Do I get my own meat back?

You will receive your own steaks, loins, & roasts. All processed products, however, are batch-processed.


What should every hunter know or do before bringing their deer to you?

Have your tags properly filled out and signed. And of course, the deer should be properly field dressed. Place bags of ice in your deer's chest and belly cavity. Some say the deer has to hang for a couple of days to age the meat. That’s a myth.

How much do you charge?
We charge $80 for skin and cut. See Order Form for additional product fees. We also provided vacuum-packing at an additional charge.

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FAQ's (cont.)

I understand your business and other local meat processors work closely with the PGC. How so?
The PGC (Pennsylvania Game Commission) stops in and gather information about the deer harvest during the hunting season. They randomly check deer heads for C.W.D. (Chronic Waste Disease).

What does it mean to be a "custom" butcher?

King's Butcher Shop also does custom processing of beef and pork products. We are not a retail butcher shop.

What’s your favorite dish made from venison?

Our award winning sweet bologna and jalapeno hot dogs. They are delicious!