Family Owned For Over 40 Years

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Our History

The local farmers started hearing about the newly created King's Butcher Shop and started to bring their meats to him to be butchered and processed. A few years into the business, Pap started to dabble into deer processing. As the business grew, Pap enlisted the help of his daughter, Kim Beck and son-in-law, Dana Beck. Pap took Dana hunting once a very long time ago and Dana almost got shot, so Dana is happy staying in the Butcher Shop. Unfortunately, Pap had a decline in health and in 2001, Dana and Kim Beck took on the operation of King' Butcher Shop. Since they have taken over the Butcher Shop, King's has seen a number of improvements over the years. They have purchased a number of high quality equipment to help ensure that they are producing the finest products.

Moving To The Present

King's Butcher Shop also continues to add and experiment with custom recipes. These recipes have turned into award winning products, including several from the Pennsylvania Association of Meat Processors. Dana Beck We offer deer procesing and custom pork and beef butchering convenient to York and Lancaster Counties. Whether you are cooking food over a campfire, reaping the rewards of your latest hunt, or just enjoying a delicious, local, farm-to-table meal, King's Butcher Shop is the place to go for delicious custom meat-processing.

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